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FAQs - Canada PR

How to know if you are a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant??

Everything we claim is absolutely verifiable. You can visit https://college-ic.ca/protecting-the-public/find-an-immigration-consultant to verify any immigration consultant and even know if they are active, or have had their practice restricted.

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Do I need an Immigration representative?

No. It is not compulsory to hire a Canadian Immigration representative. However, you might find the immigration process complicated and overwhelming. An immigration representative will not only simplify the process but would also ensure that your application satisfies all the current requirements of the selected immigration program.

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Does hiring an Immigration representative guarantee Canada PR?

An ICCRC/CICC licensed representative will NEVER guarantee you a Canada PR. Canada PR is entirely under the jurisdiction of IRCC and is entirely the decision of the Canadian Government.

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How is Canada PR different from Canada citizenship?

Although Canada PR offers the same social, financial and legal perks enjoyed by Canadian Citizens, they are not the same. Permanent Residents in Canada have certain limits. For instance, they cannot vote or hold any position in the Government.

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What are the fees of Canada PR?

The Canada PR card charges a processing fee of CAD $50. Additionally, you will also have to pay non refundable fees levied by the immigration program chosen by you. For instance, the Express Entry program fee for a single immigrant is CAD $1365. The total fee might vary according to the immigration program. To practically estimate the total expenditure of Canada immigration through Canada PR visa, consult CICC/ICCRC licensed RCICs.

What is the processing time of Canada PR?

If you are already in Canada and are waiting for your first Canada PR card, it will take no longer than 69 days. If you are replacing or renewing your card, it will take no longer than 59 days.

s Express Entry better than the Provincial Nominee Program for Canada Immigration?

No immigration program is better than the other. What is better depends on what suits you best. While Express Entry is fast and advantageous for skilled immigrants, it might seem out of reach for others. Provincial Nominee Program on the other hand invites immigrants as per their economic and labor market needs. They include immigrants from all walks of life.

Why should I Immigrate to Canada?

Canada is a country that is terrorism free, pollution free and recession free. It offers premium quality life at a reasonable cost of living. Free health coverage, free schooling and freedom to work anywhere across the country are few popular reasons that make Canada No.1 choice for immigration.

What is a Canada PR Travel Document?

PRTD or Permanent Resident Travel Document substitutes the PR card for Canadian Permanent residents who want to return to Canada via public transport without a PR card or Canadian visa. It is valid only for a single entry and costs $50. To know more about PRTD read.

What is the validity of Canada PR card?

A PR card is valid for 5 years after which you will be required to apply for renewal. The renewed PR card will require a processing fee of $50.

Which Canadian province is the easiest for Canada Immigration?

This is extremely subjective. Canadian provinces invite immigrants to support their economy and labor needs. Hence, each province has its own immigration criteria and requirements. Moreover, the requirements of the provinces are time sensitive and might vary from time to time. Hence, no particular province is the easiest to immigrate. You must be extremely cautious and choose the Canadian province that is most likely to nominate you. An ICCRC/CICC immigration consultant is highly recommended to help you make the best decision.

What are the best sources of information on Canada Immigration and its programs and processes?

The most reliable source of information is the Candian Government website. The second best and dependable source is one that is given by licensed and certified RCICs. Being licensed, we try our best to make sure that the given information on this website is well explained and leaves little to no chance of any misinterpretation. Moreover, we stay updated and current by constantly updating our articles and work hard to stay aligned with the government of Canada..

How to prepare for IELTS for Canada Immigration?

IELTS is one of the accepted tests for language proficiency in English. Having a high language score can exponentially increase your chances to get a high Canada PR score and receive an ITA in the draws of the immigration program chosen by you. Higher the IELTS score, better your chances for receiving an ITA. Very few authorized immigration consultants offer absolutely free and personalized IELTS training. Click here for more information.

How can I increase my CRS score?

A high CRS score almost guarantees you an ITA through the Express Entry draw. A CRS score can be increased by scoring better in IELTS or other language proficiency tests, increasing your work experience, or academic degrees. There are many ways to get a high CRS score. A licensed RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) will suggest you the most practical and effective one.

Does ITA guarantee Canada PR?

No. An Invitation to Apply DOES NOT guarantee you Canada PR visa. Although half the battle won, receiving an ITA only implies that the IRCC is inviting you to apply for PR through your selected immigration program. An ITA is followed by submission of complete compulsory paperwork, and a PR application to the IRCC.